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Le Must Bilingue des courriels pro_edite

Professional Emails

Courriels professionnels

Le must bilingue™ des courriels professionnels (Professional Emails) provides many examples of common discussions in professional settings. It helps you articulate your thoughts in your second language, and, with close reading, you will quickly improve your written fluency and be able to draft short and effective emails.

bilingual book by Maud Bourgé

Business Law and Finance

Droit des affaires et de la finance

Le must bilingue™ du droit des affaires et de la finance (Business Law and Finance) is the memory aid you won’t be able to live without. On many occasions, it will be a big help in finding the right words or the words that escape you. While this book prepares you for business contracts, it also gives you ammunition for negotiations.

le must bilingue des elections.jpg


Les élections

Le must bilingue™ des élections (Elections) is the result of many hours of watching presidential debates and their analyses and reading about the American and the French election campaigns in 2016 and 2017 respectively.  The book starts with an explanation of the complex American electoral system and then gives you expressions characteristic of the elections that observers hear during a presidential campaign, or during any other kind of election for that matter.

le must bilingue anglais dans la poche.j

Literary Analysis

L'analyse littéraire

A literary work takes on its full meaning only through readers’ involvement and their interpretation. Thus, Le must bilingue™ du lycéen Volume 1 – l’analyse littéraire en anglais (English-French Literary Analysis) invites you to familiarize yourself with literary elements so that you may skillfully handle the art of analysis both in French and English.  With this book and its wide selection of sentences and expressions specific to analysis, you will be able to share your observations in a varied and precise vocabulary.

Le must bilingue maths en anglais | bilingual books by Maud Bourgé


Les maths

Would knowing the language of mathematics be useful in your studies or your job?  Relearning the language of math in a foreign language out of sheer curiosity can also provide a sense of satisfaction and develop our mental agility.

With Le must bilingue™ du lycéen Volume 2 – les maths en anglais (Math), not only will you familiarize yourself with mathematical terms and understand directions in both languages, but you will learn to write clear mathematical arguments and thus communicate in a precise fashion.  The numerous exercises will help reinforce your knowledge.

bilingual books by Maud Bourgé

Teenage Talk

Le langage des ados

You don’t need to walk many steps anywhere in the United States before you can hear the ubiquitous word “awesome,” while in France, wandering cobblestone streets, or sitting in a café eating a croissant next to a group of young people, “ça déchire” – you’ll laugh at the number of times you hear the latter.

This book cracks the code of French and American teenagers.  The turns of phrase will also help you better understand familiar expressions and recognize lines in your favorite movies.  A word can mean one thing and its opposite depending on tone and context so it is wise to tread cautiously so as not to hurt anybody’s feelings.  To that end, a legend identifies the various levels of language.

L'actualité_en_anglais | bilingual books by Maud Bourgé



With this book, you will be able to identify recurring expressions found in newspapers and thus be able to read an article more quickly and efficiently.  L’actualité en anglais (News) uses standard newspaper sections to make it easy for you to navigate – politics, economy, business, social issues with separate chapters for environmental issues and terrorism.  You will learn idiomatic expressions and have access to hundreds of sentences and sentence starters to express your ideas on various subjects – unemployment or immigration for example.  Reading a newspaper in your second language will soon be a habit you won’t be able to live without.

Au_sein_de_la_rédaction | bilingual books by Maud Bourgé

Inside the Newsroom

Au sein de la rédaction

This book takes you inside the newsroom and inherently reveals the roles and responsibilities of a journalist.  Inside the Newsroom seeks to be as comprehensive as possible so that you will learn all the common expressions used in the world of journalism.

It is naturally aimed at journalism students but also at anyone who will be happy to increase their vocabulary in an interesting subject area since journalists communicate with all of us.


Children's Books

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MK Pony Club E | bilingual books by Maud Bourgé
An Unforgettable Week at The Pony-Club

An Unforgettable Week at The Pony-Club is based on a true story and told through a child’s eyes.  It is a tender story that makes you feel good and sparks a child’s curiosity.  It instills a spirit of adventure, removes the fear of leaving Mom and Dad for the first time, and even makes the reader want to go away to camp.  It is a perfect bedtime story.  Sweet dreams!

MK Pony Club S | bilingual books by Maud Bourgé
Une semaine inoubliable au poney-club 

Une semaine inoubliable au poney-club est inspiré d’une histoire vraie et raconté à travers les yeux d’un enfant.  C’est une histoire pleine de tendresse, une histoire qui fait du bien, et qui éveille la curiosité de l’enfant.  Elle donne le goût de l’aventure, ôte toute peur de quitter papa et maman pour la première fois, et donne même envie au lecteur de partir en camp de vacances.  C’est une histoire idéale à lire le soir, avant de s’endormir.  Faites de beaux rêves !

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