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Un trait d’union entre le français et l’anglais américain

A bridge between French and American English

The perfect bilingual guides for today’s world

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le must bilingue English French Office Talk

Wait, did I hear that right?  Do you actually say that?  You have to laugh.  Laughter lightens your load.

le must bilingue ING
The –ING Form

This book will help you achieve a Zen attitude if the translation into French of the –ING form leaves you disoriented.

le must bilingue ABC campus
The ABC of the American campus

This book will help you navigate the maze of your freshman year to allow you to thrive.


Imagine if you could surprise your audience with your fluency in your second language, be it French or English. Le must bilingue™ believes you can and thinks you will first surprise yourself.

Imagine being able to discuss social issues, politics (or its human comedy), the economy, and even elections in your second language. Imagine speaking with confidence about books and plays you have enjoyed.


If you study or work in finance or business law, imagine having access to a reference that gives you the right foreign equivalents as used in big law firms.

Do you study journalism or would you just like a peek into the jargon of a newsroom?

Whatever interests you, Le must bilingue™ is here to help you.
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